Val di Orcia

Passion and Light or the Art of Photography

Capturing moments in time or emotions of the moment ?
Combine passion with the right moment of light?

 There are no cookbooks to make good photos, there are just good photos. That’s simply what I want to do: Make good photos My passion for photography started in the mid 70th’s. I took during the following year many photos, mainly landscape photographs when I traveled. But over the years my fascination on photography somehow disappeared. This changed when I bought my fist digital SLR late 2003. Since then my love for landscape photography revitalized and I take my camera on all my journeys with me. In the early digital days I tried to document landscapes. Today I try to put my memories and emotions into my compositions. I want to condense and emphasize what made the moment so remarkable. I want to create emotions and curiosity when people look at my photographs. With this website I what to share what I have seen and experienced through my camera.

There are always two people in every picture: The photographer and the viewer.               

                              Ansel Adams

If you want to give mee feedback, you can send me an email . Just go to  'Contact' on the navigation bar.

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